Burlesque is the art of the tease — and of being just that EXTRA. I love creating burlesque costumes that are both sparkly and strippable. It’s a fun challenge: how can I make sure it comes off easily, tells a story, and catches the eye?

I create handcrafted, spectacular costume pieces and celebration flair that are body-positive, comfy to wear, and tolerant of any situation …whether you’re spinning in the air, strutting your stuff on stage, or dazzling on the dance floor.

Ecdysiast Costume Design

I began my costuming journey in 2011, assisting Emmy-winning costume designer Marilyn Wall at the iconic Hippodrome Theatre (Gainesville, FL). I adored her eclectic design style, which featured lots of textures, dynamic patterns, and repurposed materials. She remains an influence on how I design my own burlesque costumes. In particular, I love crafting incredible headdresses.

As the Hippodrome’s wardrobe supervisor, I was responsible for choreographing quick changes — a skill that later helped me rig burlesque costumes to pop off at the perfect moment! I love designing fantastic reveals. Often, they’re integral to the story I’m telling. Every character I choose has layers upon layers to explore.

Burlesque Costume Accessories

Classic striptease garments include corsets, gowns, gloves, and boas. But let’s be honest, what really gets the audience excited are the reveals…sparkly, edgy, or just plain sexy undergarments and other flair!

I create headdresses, hair fascinators, faux corsets, body harnesses, garters, and of course, pasties. I pride myself on crafting everything by hand with lots of texture, natural elements, and crystals.

All accessories are available in my shop, with select and seasonal items listed on Etsy. You can book a commission for a custom piece. I also design and build bodices, capelets, body harnesses, and other gorgeous cabaret garments that fit you like a glove!