I began my professional theatre career in the costume department as a wardrobe supervisor. Among my first major productions was A Tuna Christmas, a two-actor show known for its lightning-fast costume changes. I was quickly dubbed the “Quick-Change Queen” for my work on the show, and I gained valuable knowledge in how to design costumes that could come off quickly. This became very useful when I began exploring the world of burlesque.

Meanwhile, I was refining my cosplay skills with regular trips to conventions. I also designed period and fantasy costumes for a variety of theatrical productions, from Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play to A Christmas Story: The Musical. This diverse experience has helped me become the burlesque and circus costume designer I am today.

Elle’s Ecdysiast Elements

Burlesque dancers’ costumes are among the most elaborate in existence. From pasties to boas to hair fascinators, there are quite a few elements to any given outfit — and some need to stay put while others come off! Elle’s Ecdysiast Elements feature sparkly, lush, and sometimes geeky costume pieces for burlesque performers.

Elle’s Circus Creations

Aerialists need costumes and accessories, including gaiters, wristlets, and fascinators, that will stay put even when they’re upside down and spinning! Elle’s Circus Creations feature a variety of fun, fantastical cirque costume pieces for any aerial act. Plus, I create custom circus bodysuits and two-piece sets that can withstand the wear-and-tear of your apparatus.