The Hanged Man

Genre: Jazz/Swing

Apparatus: Silks

Length: 5min 30sec

Elle captivates the audience with a cathartic, gender-bending act inspired by one of the most potent tarot cards: The Hanged Man. This entrancing burlesque act on aerial silks depicts a person in despair, questioning their gender and searching for meaning amidst a cruel patriarchy. As they shed their layers, they invert expectations — and thrill the crowd! In the spirit of the Hanged Man, they find peace and comfort while being upside down, defying both social norms and gravity.

The Haunted Mansion Portrait

Genre: Alternative Rock

Apparatus: Aerial Frame

Length: 5min 10sec

Elle delivers a spooky and sexy classic burlesque on the aerial frame. In the spirit of Disney’s iconic dark ride, a lady ghost peers from a levitating portrait to entice the audience, hoping to find a lover for the afterlife!

Fanny’s Gotta Fly

Genre: Broadway, cabaret

Apparatus: Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Length: 3min

Don’t tell her not to fly, she’s simply got to! This aerial tribute to “Funny Girl” captures Fanny Brice’s ambitious and quirky charm with dynamic hoop movement and vaudeville-esque shapes.

Supermassive O

Genre: Rock, cabaret

Apparatus: Lyra

Length: 3min 45sec

Elle will set your soul alight in this edgy, entrancing aerial hoop act set to Muse’s “Supermassive Black Hole.” Blending provocative shapes with dynamic movement, Elle gets hearts pumping with a dazzling handmade costume and a scintillating stage presence.