Select Acts

The Snow Queen

Length: 6min

Style: Aerial

Genre: N/A

Special Skills: lyra, ballet

Music: Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Snowflakes”

Space Needed: at least 12′ stage, aerial rigging point

Props: lyra

She is icy-cool, fierce, as strong as she is beautiful. The Snow Queen masters the bitter winter to melt even the most frigid hearts…spinning an enticing story as freely as a falling snowflake.

This aerial burlesque act quickly became an audience favorite at the Theoretical Rejects’ production of “The Nutcracker.” From stripping mid-air to jaw-dropping feats of strength and flexibility, the Snow Queen cast a wintry spell over the crowd. Elle blends effervescent ballet with snowy seduction in this unforgettable act.


Length: 3min 50 sec

Style: Neo

Genre: Horrorlesque

Special Skills: N/A

Music: Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”

Space Needed: flexible

Props: none

It’s just a storybook, right? Not when the Babadook comes to remind you of your sins…entrancing you in the dark of the night, craving the most primal fodder: fear. And possibly worms.

This scary-sensual neo-burlesque act combines writhing movement with dark humor. With full Babadook makeup and puppet hands, Elle entices the audience with truly monstrous delight. A tribute to the creepiest Australian possession film with the sexiest Australian pop song!

Blood on the Bayou

Length: 6min

Style: Classic

Genre: Horrorlesque

Special Skills: N/A

Music: Concrete Blonde’s “Bloodletting”

Space Needed: flexible

Props: none

As the fog rolls in and the seductive saxophone fades into the distance, she embodies New Orleans’ velvety allure, mystical energy, and the sweet danger that only creatures of the night possess.

This sensual, somewhat creepy vampire act proves that classic burlesque can be spooky, too. Elle’s luscious costume blends New Orleans showgirl glam with a creature-of-the-night aesthetic. Tantalizing the audience as she alternates between stripping and baring her fangs, this vampire has mastered the slow burn.

The Beer Wench

Length: 4min 45sec

Style: Neo

Genre: N/A

Music: Lady Gaga’s “Scheiße” / Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”

Special Skills: chair acro, Can-Can, chugging

Props: beer stein, boot glass, chair, kiddie pool (for pour)

She’s here to serve you some frothy goodness…and a little something sweet on the side. This scintillating act starts with a bit of Can-Can and German cabaret chair dance, ramps up with an empowering party song and some chugging, and ends with a nice foamy liquid spill. It’s truly a hot mess!


Beauty and the Beast

Length: 5min

Style: Neo

Genre: Nerdlesque

Special Skills: contortion

Music: “Tale as Old as Time” / Florence + the Machine’s “Howl”

Space Needed: at least a 12′ stage

Props: none

It’s a tale as old as time…girl meets boy, boy falls for girl, girl realizes she’s becoming a monster and devours his heart. No? Not the version you remember?

With this lycanthropic twist on a Disney classic, Elle leaves the audience hungry for answers. This intense act evolves from a lovely waltz with classic striptease to a gritty contortion act as Belle becomes the beast. Featuring an elaborate handmade costume with surprise reveals a la “American Werewolf in London,” this performance will make even the most diehard “Beauty and the Beast” fans trembling with desire.

Good Janet/Bad Janet

Length: 4min 10 sec

Style: Neo

Genre: Nerdlesque

Special Skills: chair dance

Music: The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” / Dorothy’s “Wicked Ones”

Space Needed: at least 10′ stage

Props: chair, crate with book, soda bottle, boots, signs

Just because she’s immortal doesn’t mean she can’t fall in love — or make you fall in love with her. Elle brings to life a favorite character from the beloved show “The Good Place.” Janet may be here to answer your every whim, but she’s definitely not a girl.

This act starts sweet and ends with a bang as Janet transforms into her Bad Place counterpart. With provocative chair dance and an onstage wig reveal, Elle brings an exciting twist to this nerddom favorite. It’s definitely the only burlesque act you’ll ever see featuring a philosophy book. And once it’s over, you’ll definitely have had enough naughty thoughts to earn some Bad Place points.

Willy Wonka

Length: 3 min 50 sec

Style: Neo

Genre: Nerdlesque

Special Skills: singing

Music: “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (live sung) / Sia’s “Sweet Design”

Space Needed: flexible as long as there’s space for a mic stand

Props: mic stand, cane

🎶 Come with me…and you’ll be … in a world of pure infatuation. 🎵

Elle entices the audience with her sweet singing voice, inviting the audience into a world of pure imagination. But then, she yanks them into an energetic celebration of candy-colored delight. With an emphasis on floorwork and jazzy movement, Elle eventually gets the audience eating of her hand — sometimes literally. It’s time to make a naughty Wonka a fixture of your nostalgia (and hopefully forget the traumatic boat scene).