aerial artist. acrobat. vaudevillian.

An experienced aerialist who blends thrilling tricks with mesmerizing flows, Elle Eclectica draws upon the ancient circus tradition of storytelling in the air.

Aerial Dance

While I love all things aerial, I specialize in dance trapeze, static trapeze, and lyra. My acts range from sensational striptease (yes, in the air) to vibrant and dynamic flows to emotional explorations of aerial space.

As an aerial performer, I strive to achieve more than tricks and splits. I focus on artistry…telling stories and bringing powerful, perhaps supernatural characters to life in the air. Audiences praise me for my flow, musicality, and complete mastery of my apparatus. The aerial arts provide an extraordinary opportunity to challenge our perceptions of space and movement … to break the boundaries of what it means to be human. That’s what I love about aerials, and I choreograph and design each act to leave the audience both enthralled and intrigued.

Selected Aerial Performances

Circus Arts Education

I have been training in aerial arts since 2015, exploring the magical apparatuses of trapeze, aerial hoop (aka lyra), aerial sling, and aerial silks. My educators have included a wonderful variety of professional performing artists.

I currently train at Orlando Aerial Arts, where I am a member of the pre-professional company Suspended Artistry.

Acrobatics and Flow Arts

As a lover of movement and cabaret dance, I have also trained and performed ground acrobatics, adagio, hula hoop, and chair acro. From my deep appreciation for cerceaux to my high school drama club’s rendition of “Willkommen,” I’ve developed a passion for hula hoops, chair dance, and anything where I can be upside down or in a split (or both!) These skills infuse my burlesque routines, but I’m just as happy to spin a hoop to an awesome song or balance on my bestie’s thighs.