Hi, I’m Elle Wayne Ballard, aka Elle Eclectica, and I’m an aerialist, burlesque dancer, and performance artist based in Orlando, Florida. I have taught and performed aerial silks, static trapeze, dance trapeze, and lyra aka aerial hoop. My dream is to perform professionally and open my own circus arts/jazz dance/flexibility studio featuring my unique blend of “acroburly” fitness, which you can also find in my Elevate With Elle training videos and guides.

I have also performed in multiple cabaret and puppetry shows, from an “Alien” homage puppetlesque to a genderbent Willy Wonka sing-and-strip to a sad clown hula hoop act. I embrace the weird and wild in my acts, all of which draw upon my diverse training in ballet, acrobatics, vocals, puppetry, jazz dance, and circus arts.

Can’t make it to a show? Buy me a banana or tip via Vemno @Elle-Wayne. I occasionally post performance clips on my Instagram and Facebook.

Recovery from Repetitive Strain Injury and Torn Tendon

A geek at heart and a devoted student of movement, I am also developing a comprehensive aerial dictionary, training workbooks, and creative coaching materials for aerialists. Teaching aerial dance to aspiring acrobats and seeing this new light emerge in their hearts is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Since relocating to Orlando, I have had limited opportunities to teach due to the pandemic, new schools, and a severe tear in my distal triceps tendon. I also developed RSI in both arms, which hindered my training. It has continued to be a challenge, especially for aerial dance and acrobatics.

By supporting me on Patreon, you will help me achieve my performance and education goals, and as a thank you, you’ll gain access to my acroburly fitness routines, behind-the scenes clips, exclusive performance videos, costuming and makeup demos, first peek at workbooks and the aerial dictionary, and occasionally some content that’s too hot for Instagram.