A fan of pop culture parody and blurring the lines among styles, Elle is a performance artist emphasizing the strange, the satirical, and the sensual, and she blends burlesque, modern dance, ballet, vocals, and puppetry in her unique acts. Most recently, she’s joined the circus and has become an aerial artist. She also dabbles in samba and keeps up her ballet training. In her free time(!), she and her partner Dan make and perform puppets through their troupe, DolphinWizard Company, and enjoy craft beer and frequent trips to Universal Studios and St. Augustine.

In her mixed-media work, Elle specializes in portraits of celebrities and characters from popular culture that use collage as an exploration of the subjects’ symbolic representation and cultural reflection. Fascinated by the construction of icons and ideals through celebrity and fiction, Elle uses collages of images from magazine advertisements to represent major figures in the public’s eye and shared imagination in a deconstructed way.